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The Story

In 2005, a research project was commissioned in Central Florida to assess how we were doing meeting human need. The project lasted three years and birthed three things - a model, an urban institute, and a course. Read the report.

The course was called Dignity Serves (now Serving with Dignity) and teaches a set of principles on how to help people in ways that are mutually edifying. This site is dedicated to elucidating these principles and getting you connected to opportunities to learn more and to serve.

The urban institute was founded in 2009 by Phil Hissom as a civic non-profit called the Polis Institute as a guide for revitalization, aligning municipalities, foundations, investors, nonprofits, and the people living in urban neighborhoods ready to thrive. 

The model honors Jesus Christ as the source and standard of human dignity. It is respectful of all persons as image bearers of God who have inherent value regardless of what they believe or what they have done. It promotes ways of serving that are asset-based, place-focused, relational, holistic, and long-term.

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