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Dignity Serves is now....

Just over twelve years ago, the Seeking the Welfare of the City research paper was published. The recommendations of the research introduced asset-based and place-focused philanthropy in Central Florida and a resource was created, Dignity Serves, to help churches and nonprofits utilize these approaches to engage the community more effectively.

Around the same time, resources like When Helping Hurts and Toxic Charity hit the shelves. It seemed that the church was hungry for a new way forward. Our former approaches had sacrificed relationship for the sake of efficiency. We needed practical ways to build relationships that were dignified and interdependent as we served with people and communities to meet practical needs.

The church is still moving forward. The past few years have held surprises and obstacles I would have never imagined I’d see in my lifetime. We’ve struggled, kept going, and relied on each other more than ever. It’s in this context that we launch Version 6 of the curriculum under a new name, Serving with Dignity.

Our hope is that this updated version better equips you with the practices to build dignified interdependent relationships. But more importantly, we hope you experience anew the grace of God. Serving with Dignity is geared towards personal discipleship– to help us all move closer to God and neighbor through cultivating a heart for service.

I am so excited to share this updated version with you. With a new look, updated content, and amazing new resources for our facilitators we want to invite even more people into this paradigm shifting lifestyle of service.

Join us for one of our upcoming events.

Keep Serving,

Phil Hissom

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